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We have recently asked a few of our long time clients who have had 1, 2 and 3 dogs from us to write something for us on Yelp. We also asked a few new owners to do the same. Some people have not had the time yet to do it. 


We have decided to put the link here for you (it is also on our pre-purchase questionnaire page and our available puppy page).  They will be updated as more are added. You can read them below or click here. 




Jessica M.


Sander-Haus can hardly be called a "breeder" because they feel more like family.  We completed an extensive interview questionnaire to make sure we were a good match for their precious pups.  I emailed questions constantly, sometimes 5-10 times a day and I was always met with extensively researched answers and with kindness.  We communicated almost daily up until the day we took our little Johann home.  They ensured we were prepared to provide him a happy and healthy home.  The communication did not end after we brought him home.  We continue to email and send pictures of our "baby."  He was so well cared for as a puppy and is just the sweetest little guy you could meet.  He is very easy to train, is energetic, happy, healthy and a very important part of our family.  When we pulled in to finally pick him up, it felt like we were meeting old friends.  They were meticulous with the details for adoption, very clear with our next steps when we got home and continue to provide guidance for him.  I cannot say enough positive things about our experience and highly recommend them for being so kind, conscientious and compassionate. 




Gina S.


We are currently enjoying our second wonderful Sander Haus GSD puppy!

We got our first shepherd from them 13 or so years ago and she turned out to be the best shepherd we've ever had.  Not only was she beautiful, but she had the best temperament of any shepherd we'd owned before. 

  We have always loved the breed, but after using Sander Haus, we will never go with any other breeder.  The facilities are fantastic. They live in an idyllic country setting...the dogs enjoy  large outdoor, Air conditioned kennels with custom built outdoor play areas.  They are brought into the house to sleep and be with family.  They are also exercised religiously--not left in pens for hours on end like we've seen in other places that we visited in years past.   The dogs are truly cherished and made to feel secure...consequently they come to you already somewhat socialized and loving.  The owners stay in contact with you as long as you need their advice and counsel. 

  When we were ready for another puppy, we went right back to them and the owners remembered every detail of our first adoption.  We were amazed!  And, we were not disappointed this second time around.  Our new puppy is beautiful, healthy, and full of love and light:)  I have been given all sorts of educational material from the owners regarding every aspect of raising a puppy again...also any questions I have are answered thoughtfully and she even sends me research articles on all sorts of subjects. 

  Amazing support and amazing breeders.  I told them when we left with our new puppy...they have more than just a dog breeding business...they have a ministry. These dogs are intelligent, healthy, happy, and discerningly protective.   When you come home with a Sander Haus puppy, that dog comes to your home with generations of DNA from the best bred GSD's ever! 


J G.


The previous review probably didn't make the screening process and hence a site visit. Sander Haus is very particular about bringing in any outside disease or viruses that could be spread - this is a good thing. I personally have been to the Sander Haus house before 3 times now. Her facility is immaculate -  as it should be. They keep thier dogs inside and keep their outside areas spotless. They have had me in thier home and have been warm and welcoming every time. Why? Because they know that I am going to take in a new shepherd and give it the best home and life a dog would ever get. If you are not qualified to own a shepherd then you probably won't get one from them - go somewhere else.


My family has raised three Sander Haus Shepherds.The first two lived to almost 13 years old. We now have another Sander Haus Shepherd and like the two before is sweet, smart, beautiful and family oriented. His dad is the picture on this web site and he looks just like him! Her dogs are the best in the world and they deserve a competent caring owner that knows the difference between this breed and all others - there is a big difference. Sander Haus does not do this for profit, but does it for the love of the breed and with the pure intention of matching the perfect puppy with the perfect people. Again, if you fail the screening process, you don't get a dog. Thank god they have this process. 

I have nothing but rave reviews for Sander Haus GSD's and their Philosophy.



Mark P.


Sander Haus is not a normal breeder, they will not give you a dog just because you have money to pay for one. Sander Haus is more like an adoption agency then a breeder. Their expectations are simple, just that you have a yard and that you are not going to to keep a puppy in a crate 8 hours a day.  They just want to make sure their pups are getting the best chance possible. They are not doing it for the money, but more for the love of the breed. They could charge more then double compared to what everyone else is charging for a comparable dog. If more breeders were like Sue and Carlos there would be a lot less dogs in shelters.


I actually have two of their dogs. Currently a 3yr old male, and a 8 mos old female. Everywhere I get comments on how beautiful the dogs are and where did I get them. Their personalities are very well balanced and are not skittish, want to please, and react to your commands with urgency. They were a complete joy to train, and the male is so well balanced he received his therapy dog credentials from the state at 1 year old. I can go on and on about how great their bloodlines are....'


Feel free to contact me with any questions about them...






Nancy B. 


When buying a dog from a breeder, if you are expected to do everything but sign your name in blood, THAT is the breeder you want.


Your puppy will be well socialized, healthy and you can rest assured that its background has been researched up the wazoo, and every effort made to give you long years with the greatest example from the greatest bloodlines from the greatest breed of dog on earth! If you want many happy years with a correct, classic REAL German shepherd, this is the breeder for you.




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