Tito vom Sander-Haus, hips & elbows "a" normal, DM normal/clear, MDR1 normal/clear

Tito vom Sander-Haus is a black and red son of our imported male, Pasquale von Pallas Athene and our World Sieger Pakros d'Ulmental granddaughter, Daesha vom Hunt Land. 


Tito's sire was imported from Germany from a kennel that we often work with. His sire is V1 Karat's Yoker who is a World Sieger Ursus von Batu son. Through Tito we are able to retain the bloodline of Kliff/Kessi vom Trollbachtal, Romeo von Pallas Athene and Quartz dei Templari!


Tito's mother is not only a World Sieger Pakros granddaughter, she is the daughter of V Dux von der Glockenheide who is a VA2 Naxos son!


Tito is a handsome, tall, large boned male with a masculine head. He has beautiful dark eyes, a deep black saddle and a dark face. 


Tito's hips and elbows are certified through Germany as "a" 1 which is the best of 3 ratings available. 


This boy is full of personality! Like all of our dogs, his tail is always wagging!


Tito's first German shepherd puppies are very black and very red with excellent bone!

Tito below March 2018

Tito above & below at about 20 months of age!

6 week old Tito x Versace male puppy pictured above

Long coat black and red female Tito x Versace puppy in her first snow storm. 

A note from her owner:

I thought you'd like to know that things are great on this end. We couldn't be happier with Bella. She had a blast in the snow this afternoon. 


Below: Tito x Quanta pups 8 weeks


Thank you!  We just love him and thank you for the wonderful job you did with him as a pup!


We will keep plugging away with the crate.  It is helping to feed him in there and he just awoke from a nap in the crate.  He is just so social and wants to play and play with everyone and then gets so tired afterwards, he passes out wherever he is.  He fell asleep on my son so my husband moved him to the crate and he went back to sleep and kept sleeping.  He is just the cutest little guy ever!  Everyone is so in love with him!  



Tito x Quanta female 2 years old above. Gorgeous head and breed type. 

This is the same young male both with the kitty and the picture above. He is a Tito x Versace puppy and he is gorgeous!!

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