Testimonials from some of our clients

Hello! I know it has been a long time- having a lot going on- in the process of buying a new home and also pregnant with our second child! Just wanted to update you and let you know that Malachi is the most wonderful and beautiful, smart and amazing member of the family!!! He is just incredible! So strong and healthy and HUGE now. Not sure exactly what he weighs but I think it is definitely close to or at least 80lbs. We will get some great photos here soon and send some updated ones! Just wanted to let you know that all is well and we love him more than words can say!!! He was the best decision! If we ever decide to get another German Shepherd we will definitely be coming back to you guys. Thank you again!! 
Emma   (Tito x Quanta ma

Landos x Venus puppy:

She is amazing. She is blending in perfectly. She is a very affectionate dog and already cries like a baby every time Cassidy leaves the room.  She is eating really well and her stools are still normal. She got up a couple times over night but it wasn't anything I'm not used to with a 2 year old. She really likes her crate and the girls know to leave her alone when she's in there. We are all so very much in love with her already :) I can't thank you enough!



Landos x Venus puppy:

We had the honor of purchasing one of your puppies in June 2016 and we couldn't be happier. Hendrix is absolutely wonderful, he's such a loving, wonderful puppy. He's quite stubborn but if he wasn't stubborn i honestly think I would be worried. I just wanted to reach out and say Thank You very much for allowing us the opportunity to raise one of your wonderful puppies. He is absolutely everything we hoped for. Not sure if you are interested but I've included a couple photos.

Also, we really appreciate you guys doing things correctly regarding breeding and screening potential buyers. 

Thanks again,

Jack (Last name left off) Yes Jack thanks for the pics, of course we want to see:)


Landos x Venus puppy:

Lucca is doing fabulous!  She is  a special girl, and so smart. Many people including the trainer that came to the house commented on her eye contact and intellect. Lucca  is bonding well and just loves our lab, Bruin. He is so good with her, very stable temperament and so so patient.  Thank you again for this wonderful pup!  She is a true sweet heart.  Ears are almost up full time now. Will send a picture, soon.  

Jan and Rj


Landos x Venus puppy:

You raise perfect dogs. I'm so glad we got our pup from you guys.

We did bring the pup to the vet today. They fell in love with him. They put him on the examination table and he fell asleep!! He's 15 pounds and in perfect health. We bring him back in 3 weeks. He's so easy going. He slept in the crate last night. We took him outside at 3 AM and he went potty outside. He went back to sleep in the crate until 6 and went potty outside again. It was a busy day for him playing in the yard with the kids and he met our neighbors pup. It looks like we are naming him Teddy.   It wasn't my first choice but it does describe him perfectly. He is a real teddy bear.

From Frank & Family in Ct! Thank you for making the long trip for your little man!



Tito x Quanta puppy:

 The vet gives you high marks as a breeder :-)! He said Reggie is a fabulous example of a well bred German Shepherd😍--and he has been a vet for 45 years – The kind of vet who isn't afraid to sink  his nose into their ears to make sure there's no infection – ha ha –  told me she is not to be spayed until she is two or three years old. It says it's not just vaginal issues – or joint issues – it's also cancer issues – he is adamant -he will not spay her before two or three – he was very reassuring about how I can take her through all of her heat cycles until then – he said they make lots of good products now and German shepherds are good about cleaning their bottoms – he didn't have to talk me into it – I learned a hard hard lesson with my precious Chili😟  and said two more week Quarintine in my backyard until she safe:). (got shots today ) All the vet techs wanted to snuggle with her but I was adamant -no don't touch!!  I would have let them pet her except they all had those scrubs on and who knows what got on their scrubs today😳--

She weighs 22 pounds! She was not afraid of the dogs in the waiting room I kept her on my lap in the corner – I was so proud of her I could burst!


Daesha x Eros puppy:

All is going well with Jager!  He is now 80 pounds (we went to the vet last week for a booster vaccine and he got weighed) and he is very healthy and happy.  We continue training sessions intermittently as well as running through the various commands on a daily basis.  Jager loves his ball(s) now….so he has two Xlarge chuck-it balls (orange and blue) which we throw for him to retrieve outside.  He will drop one for us, then we throw the other.  Lots of fun and full of energy!!!  He had the best time in the snow all winter long, too!  A few times a week, I take him to the canal for a walk:  on the walk out, he smells and looks all around, and on the walk back, he speeds up his pace as he knows he is going back to the car.  Very smart!  Jager has a few doggie friends with whom he sometimes walks at the canal.  At home, he has friends of all sizes and ages whom he walks with or plays with.  One of his new puppy friends is a Jack Russell terrier—a tiny little one with whom Jager loves to play and he is very gentle with him—but he also plays with bigger and older dogs.  Jager is very friendly to almost everyone and almost all dogs…he seems to know which ones to stay clear of.  And he is very loving.  We really love him!  We are planning to get Jager fixed at 18 months or later as you advised….he seems to be ok so far and is never aggressive.  I still feed him the large breed Fromm puppy food, too.  When he turns one is when I should consider changing his food to the Arcana?  I already have a bag, but I don’t remember which one I got (back when we were discussing his food/diet).


I have to tell you that we get so many compliments about Jager, his coloring, his demeanor, his back (funny but people notice how he has a pretty flat back!), and how his fur shines….could be the marrow bones which he chews on!  So his parents made three beautiful pups!!!  And your home environment surrounded him and his siblings with a lot of love.  It shows!


I hope all is well with you and Carlos and all your doggies!   Did all your pups get placed?  Many people ask where we got Jager, so I always highly recommend you. 


Kind regards,




Good morning!

 I don't know if you remember John and I – but we got our beloved Chili from you about -I want to say- 13 years ago?

 Chili died a year and a half ago after a long wonderful life as a beloved member of our family.

 She was quite literally the best dog we've ever had.       

 Her temperament was the best – gentle with children – completely obedient without ever going to obedience school –even got along with our cat-I can count on one hand the number of times in her entire life when she actually barked :-) ha ha – that was very unusual! It was always at a time when she was protective of us--but otherwise she was one quiet dog.

 We know that we will never have another dog like Chili because dogs like that come around once in a lifetime – if you're lucky...   But after year and a half of grieving for her – we are ready to open our home to another GSD puppy 😊.       We will not even consider using any other breeder other then Sanderhaus:).   Looking on your website it looks as though you will have some puppies this summer – we are very much interested!  But we also understand that they may all be accounted for already.

 We prefer a female – not particular about looks- as temperament is always something we are far more interested in.

 Our primary home is in Dover, DE -we are on a fenced in acre and a half – we also have a small cottage up in Cape Cod where we spend most of the summer.  As you can see from the photos below Chili was a wonderful beach dog – even got her to go swimming a few times – it usually involved going after a tennis ball – that's about the only way we could get her submerged! Ha ha !  The picture below of her looking down the snowy road – is the last photo we got of her before she died – she was looking down the road towards the beach where she spent her happiest moments.

 Chili had a most unique gift. She was very successful at curing people who had dog phobias – you would think that a German Shepherd would be the last dog to be able to do that – because people seem to be so afraid of them often – especially people who are phobic or who had a bad experience with dogs. But Chili, in her lifetime, was able to "turn" people (even children ) from the "Dark side" back to a proper "dog-loving"state of mind. Haha!  She would've made a great therapy dog – but I never got around to enrolling her.

 Both of our sons are grown and gone – and I retired early, so I can devote myself to a new puppy.  

  We were hoping for a summer puppy as I like to do some training  up at the Cape cottage – so please put us on your waiting list and let me know if there is any paperwork I should fill out?

 Hope you are all healthy and happy!


So sorry I didn't reply to your email a while back, I thought I had replied and totally lost track. Everything here is going wonderfully! Callisto is the sweetest puppy I am IN LOVE with her!!! And so is everyone else. She loves coming out with us to cafes and soaking up all the attention from everyone that walks by.

She is about 35lb right now so seems like she might be on the smaller side for the litter but the vet said she is in perfect health and hitting every developmental benchmark. 

She has been a star in puppy class and we are almost ready to start her intermediate class. She doesn't always listen but she has never really misbehaved haha. I am so lucky I found you to give me such an amazing dog. She is snuggling next to me on the couch right now after a long fetch session at my neighbors :)

Thank you for checking in! And thank you again for my beautiful baby! We could not be happier!!!!!!!!!!!



My mother and I adopted our German Shepard ('Cody') from you about 7 years ago. Romina von Pallas Athene was his mother and Boye von Sander-Haus his father. He has been the most wonderful addition to our family and we just wanted to say thank you. From day one he has brought so much love and happiness into our lives. I thought you all might like to see how he has "grown up" so I have attached some pictures. If it is not obvious from the pictures, Cody's best friend is our cat- they are always snuggling together. The fifth picture is of Cody in his favorite spot in the house- he will sit and look out that window for hours ("keeping guard" of the house). And yes, I even had a few of my bridal portraits taken with him. Anyways, keep up the good work- and we are always available if you need a good reference!


Things are going great!  Vet said she looks and sounds marvelous.  (We carried her in and brought a towel for the table top as you recommended).  Started her on Sentinal for heartworm/fleas and scheduled her for her next shots on Jan. 12th.


Potty training is going SO WELL!  No accidents so far and she already knows exactly what we want from her when we take her outside to "the spot".  I only had to take her out twice during the night.  (She slept on her cushion in a play pen area set up next to my bed.) She seems to like the outdoors and listens intently to the birds!  So cute and very intelligent! Thanks again! Rhonda


Aldie vom Sander-Haus is a dog with grea spirit, drive and personality.  She tolerates the attentions of puppies and small children with aplomb and tackles any task with enthusiasm.  She is the epitome of a good German shepherd, having learned to swim, catch a frisbee, do basic agility and obedience exercises and she is great with horses and cats.  And mighty pretty to look at!  This is the kind of dog one wants to accompany an active lifestyle.  But aside from all that, she also loves to cuddle.  Who says you can't buy your friends?!  ;-)  Nancy Bailey 


My husband and I are so pleased with our Sander-Haus German Shepherd , Raleigh.  He is loyal, loving, and healthy with a real desire to be close and to please us. He is intelligent and trains easily.  He meets other people and dogs well enabling us to take him many places with us. We know he's beautiful, but it's a pleasure to regularly receive compliments on his appearance.  All of this results from the careful breeding program at Sander-Haus and the intimate, loving atmosphere in which the puppies start their lives.  Raleigh is a joy and a member of our family!  Leslie 



We get lots of compliments on Zeke.  We've dropped the Sanderhaus name several times.  Not only his good looks - but very calm and under control demeanor.  He seems to be atypical in that regard - and we love it.  Very easy to manage and live with. Jessie is taking him to both her soccer games (the team mascot) and to her brother's games.  She eats up the attention he gets.  Never a growl or cross look towards any of the kids - and he get to visit with a lot of them. Thanks again - he goes in next week to be neutered.  


She's everything you described...sweet, caring, playful and beautiful!!!! So, Yes!!!! She is exactly what I wanted :) She is such a good dog...and she is having the time of her life with her brother. Rummy hardly barks anymore when he is outside, because he is too busy playing with his sister.---Jay (by the way, this family has adopted 3 German shepherds from us!



We got Echo from Sander-Haus at 9 weeks old.  From the day she came into our lives we knew she was the right chose.  She has proven to us time and time again what a wonderful and intelligent dog she is.  We are training for Agility and Obedience competition and she is exceling in both.  Sometimes I wonder if she knows this stuff better than me, she's the first to let me know I'm doing something wrong.  We really enjoy having her our my lives and a part of our family.  Michelle & Mike


We got "Cruiser" from Sander-Haus at 8 weeks old.  He is a beautiful Shepherd and very intelligent.  He was easily house trained and is quite a talker.......He loves his "housemate" "Molly" (a beagle-mix), who thinks she is his Mother.
I admit we have spoiled him.  Most nights he sleeps next to me and has a way of letting me know he wants me to come to bed. Barbara


We got our Sander-Haus puppy, Zepplin, about three years ago.  We got him as a family pet and were told that he was very full of himself.  That he is!  He is very handsome and loves other dogs, children, and people.  Character, a great personality, and a need to please heart are his traits and he loves to show them! He is the love of our lives. We were all-around impressed with the Sander-Haus pedigrees, and the puppy that we got. 
                                                                     -Jessica, Patricia, and Skeet


We LOVE our Sander-Haus puppy! We can't say how impressed we were when we finally saw the dogs, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! and the facilities, CLEAN!!! This breeder's love for them really shows. They made us wait, actually we reserved a pup before the litter was born. We respected their policy of no kennel hopping as they called it due to the fact that disease can be brought in from  other kennels to their beautiful dogs and pups. We have to say, this was well worth our wait and we have NO regrets! Thank you Sander-Haus!!  



You read my mind.  I was just about to send you an email.  I named her "Chimay".  She has been wonderful!  She just had her first weekend with someone else taking care of her while I was out of town and she did great....better than me...worrying about her!  She has adjusted very well here and is a great pleasure.  She gets along with everyone and has a great sense with the horses, although her time with them is limited to only the outside of the fence with me.  She knows sit and stay to a degree already and we are getting better at it all the time.
Thank you so much for her!  I will send some pictures when I get some better ones.  Most of them usually are her running to me.



"We adopted our beautiful young Sander-Haus female GSD at 2 months old and our lives have not been the same since.  Patty has never had a dog in her life but Shelby has won her heart.  Shelby is so intelligent and fun we have taken hundreds of pictures and made several fancy DVD videos of her in just eight months.  She is well behaved, kind, loving, and a quick learner.  She was rolling over for treats the first month we had her.  She is such a joy to have around.  Thank you for trusting us with one of your special puppies, for being such dedicated breeders and for so willingly helping us with any GSD concerns.
Two of your extremely happy clients.
Bob & Patty



We will definitely keep in touch!  I will send a picture next week.  He is growing so fast!  He is doing really well - we can't get over how smart he is.  He definitely has a lot of energy in the morning and after naps.  We are learning to play with him a lot.  He lets us know when he needs to go out - goes to the door and scratches and whines. I'm sure this isn't a great habit, but he is letting us know (which I think is amazing for a puppy so young).  I have a friend that has bells on her door - her dog hits the bells to let her know she needs to go out.

Thanks again for all of your advice and giving us this great puppy!  We love him :)




i've been meaning to email you with an update of Blossom!  She is fantastic!  We still love her... actually more!


She is so sweet and lovable.  She has become very attached to me and follows me everywhere wanting to play. Now, with Richard, she will jump up on him and lay down to cuddle.  She loves to be outside and I am dying to take her for a walk, but am patiently waiting until her shot cycle is over.  Her favorite toy is a tennis ball and Santa brought her a pack of them because her and Dylan fight over the one we had!  The good thing is, it's like she knows not to nibble at him like she does to the rest of us.  She's actually gentle with him most of the time.  Unless, of course, he has food in his hands.  She is a found hound!!!  Piggy will smell food a mile away and if she hears the pantry door open, she's there!!!   

She has even got Snoop to start playing!  They roll around all over the floor and love it in the back yard.  We had to make an emergency trip to the vet with Snoop actually because he got a stick pried from one end of his mouth to the other in between his teeth, only a big dummy like him could do that.  I don't even know how it fit as it was as wide as my finger and stuck in there like dental floss.  He's fine now though.

Both of her ears have been up for almost 2 weeks.  So adorable because they are huge!  She is so smart too!  We have been teaching her different commands and she usually masters them in a couple of minutes.  She loves the Christmas tree and all of its ornaments, lol!  I've found her a few times running through the house followed by a long string of ribbon!  We just love her!  See below for recent photos of her. Last week at the vet she was 22.3 pounds. 

We have actually had two people ask for your info and when you'll be breeding again.  Our pastors are in the process of building a new house and stables and want one when they are able to move so their son can have her with his horses.  One of our clients was also inquiring and probably would be looking as soon as you have a litter.  We are extremely happy with her! Julie






I hope you and the dogs are doing well.  I thought you might like to know Luka's latest achievement!  As of Saturday, she is now a registered Delta Therapy Dog.  She passed her test with almost perfect scores on everything.  She has been invited by St. Francis of Assisi to join their Autistic Childrens Reading Program, and by Carilion to visit the local hospital.  As soon as she gets her vest I will send you some pictures.  We are very excited to have 2 Therapy Dogs in the house now (my Rotti also is a Delta Therapy Dog) !  I just wanted to share the good news, you raise great dogs with wonderful temperments.  Luka is a blessing to us, and now we can share her with so many others.

Good luck with your upcoming litters, and thanks again for our great girl!



Yesterday we met a 12 week puppy that apparently came from you and we were so impressed at her stature and more so, her disposition.  We are very selective and have waited a year since we had to put down our 12 year old German Shepherd.  We are interested in adding another shepherd to our family.  I've raised Sherherds and have had 5 in my life and a few litters. We own our own house and have a 1 acre fenced yard. We are interested in a female puppy and look forward to hearing from you.  Lori



I told you that I took him up on Wisconsin Avenue in DC which is one of the biggest shopping areas in town.  People were stopping in their tracks on the street to see him and lots came up to meet him.  Store employees were taking their breaks so they could come out to see him.  He was causing quite a stir.  Everyone without fail thought he was beautiful and he just sucked it all up like a ham!!


They are gorgeous dogs and he gets better by the day.  I can see exactly what he is going to look like as an adult and he is going to be stunning. Toni  (Friesa x Eros puppy)



She is wonderful! She is just a part of the family now. Both ears r up and goes for her 12 this weekend. 

I love her! Also already house broke! Wow 
Dannie  (Friesa x Eros puppy


This is the photo from today in the house. He is 35.7 pounds and had his final vet visit for his series of shots. He is doing very well and is very active. He is the best with socialization and loves being very active. He's brilliant and will be in classes starting next week. We have had a lot of fun and he fully responds to all commands. 

(Friesa x Eros male puppy)



Let me get a few more minutes to actually write you (and get my good camera out for pics)...

But in a word:  Amazing. 

Out of the JRT's, the Corgis, the English Setters...  He's a Rhodes Scholar compared to all of them.  Don't get me wrong - he'll still be a Puppy with a capital "P", but it's working his brain puppy-ism...  

Jess told me - having a house with her BT's and (mainly) Shepherd is the smartest house of dogs one could have.  She was FLOORED when I told her about Samson's development - she forgot he's as young as he is...  :)

(Daesha x Pasquale puppy)


I sure wish you could read all of the wonderful compliments that Cooper got from those pictures in his new Service Dog Vest.  I feel like they belong to you as well!!  I think my favorite line was from our Trainer.  She said he was "Super smart AND Hollywood Handsome"!!  As his Momma, I have to absolutely agree 100 million percent!!!


I just can't tell you how many lives Cooper has touched. He has brought so much joy, happiness and comfort to so very many people over the past year!  He is such a sweet, gentle boy with nothing but love in his heart for everyone - including all of his 4 legged friends!  You breed such amazing, even temperament, highly intelligent babies.  We will forever be grateful to you for allowing us to welcome our precious boy into our family.  We absolutely adore him and can't imagine our lives without him!


Tomorrow, July 9th, is our "Gotcha Day Celebration".  Yup... One year ago tomorrow, Andrew and I drove to your house and first laid eyes on Cooper.  What a little squirt he was with those bright eyes, wagging tail and floppy ears!  I get all teary eyed just thinking about it...  My heart soared that day and every day since!  Cooper is my heart, my soul, my rock and shinning light.  Specially when it comes to my parents.  My Daddy is not able to speak much anymore, but he always has a smile and a pat on the head for Cooper.  Those two have a very, very special relationship and understand each other completely.  What I wouldn't give for my Dad to smile at me like that again.  Margaret (Friesa x Eros)



Freya is now a few weeks short of 20 months and I realized that we have not been in touch since shortly after we brought her home in early July of last year.
Wanted you to know that she has grown into a wonderful dog.  She's a trim 70 pounds now with as wonderful a temperament as any dog owner could hope for.  We've made a point of taking her (and her Malamute "brother", Loki) as many places as possible with us (dinner or a Sunday breakfast at a local restaurant with outdoor seating is a favorite) so that she will be around all kinds of people.  Everyone stops to pet the two of them and she has never given us any cause for concern even with young children (other than that she might accidentally knock them down).  She's getting out of the puppy stage and starting to settle down.  Doing less jumping up on people, a trait that has taken us some time to train out of her, but that's just part of being, and having a puppy.  She's just a beautiful dog and has settled in very nicely.  Oh, and our seven pound tabby cat thinks that Freya is just the most wonderful pet that anyone could ever get for a cat.  The cat clearly (and with good reason) thinks she's in charge of both dogs and seems to manage them pretty well. Freya also has Deb pretty well trained.



Hello,  It has been a while, but I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Parker is doing. She is a healthy, happy, 65-pound, two-and-a-half year old, and we couldn't possibly love her any more than we do. We are amazed just how much she looks like Daesha. It's uncanny. We had a baby boy,  last year, and we are thrilled with how wonderful Parker is with him. We took all precautions that were recommended by her trainer, but she was instantly wonderful with him. I am forwarding some pictures. Hope you are doing well, and have a happy holiday season. (Daesha x Pasquale female)

Versace x Erik puppy (Repeat client. yes pups will occasionally be loose at a new home at first)
She has been great today (second day), no loose number twos. We have a bowl of water out for her in the kitchen. Or we did until she decided to drag the bowl and the towel under it across the floor, spilling water everywhere. She has gone number one every hour. She is very curious, seems brave, and wants to see and play with everything.
She is also very vocal with Kevin, follows him everywhere and sits on his shoes when he's standing still. She likes sitting with me when she's ready to relax and it seems that by 2 or 3 pm, she starts slowing down. Just now, she is sleeping across my legs. She'll probably pop up ready to play in half an hour like she did earlier today but we'll see how much rest she needs.
Kevin is planning on getting up with her since by the time he gets home, she'll probably be asleep. She was up at 5 this morning, ready to eat. She will spend most days with just me as the girls work. Kara went home today and Erin was visiting a friend in Virginia and will be home tomorrow. She will help the most and she's very level headed with dogs. Kyle will move out next month but will be close.
Ritter sees her vet tomorrow. We are going to start classes soon because she is super smart (She had no water in her bowl this morning and she went to the next room where I was to tell me to look at her bowl) but we will take our time getting started.
Also as an aside, she is very very quick. She wants to play chase but catches and passes us. Even Kara and that never happens and Ritter is still so small yet.
Kevin just walked in and up she runs. For all the eye rolling I got when I told him it was time for a puppy, he's really enjoying his new best friend. Thank you again, Nora

Versace X Erik
Thank you so much for letting us adopt Xavier.  He's going to do well.  
He cried briefly as we left your place, but then slept most of the way home.  I slept on the floor with him last night.  He was just a little restless at first, but then settled down.  He curled up against me most of the night.  He's peed and pooped in the back yard, not in the house.  I'm taking him out every couple of hours.  He doesn't like the kennel, so I set up the large crate and am feeding him in there.  I think the travel kennel makes him feel like he's in a coal bin.  


The first night went great! We spent the day exploring the house and yard with some naps sprinkled in. Ha. He slept most of the night, only woke us up once to go out but he seems to like his crate. You guys did a great job, he really is awesome. 

Eros x Friesa female
Wanted to drop in and let you know Maggie passed her Community Canine Test today. We're continuing with Rally training weekly but I'm not pushing it.  She's still very young. 
We've started back with Therapy training as well.  She's doing great and is very much the lover.  She loves to Lick.
Again, just wanted to touch base and let you know ho well she is doing.
Hope you had a great Holiday season.


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