WE NO LONGER ARE BREEDING AFTER 19 YEARS. Our dogs are still with us and and we are not out of dogs! We are about to welcome a European bred Belgian Malinois puppy to our home! Can't wait but NO we are not breeding.


Always seeking responsible homeowners who have the time for this active breed. If you would like information on this litter, contact us from the link below this page or our contact form. 


 NOTE IMPORTANT: Please read this page and our FAQ's page before completing our questionnaire. 


Pictures of some prior puppies are on our gallery page if you'd like to see what our German Shepherd Dogs produce! 


Reservations are on a first come basis as long as we feel these breedings will work for you and your home would work for the puppies. Please note, our puppies will not be suitable for rented residences. There are two exceptions which we could explain before you fill out the questionnaire. Absolutely  no rented apartments or condos.  You must also have the time. We still have people not reading this. If you are gone for long hours during the day these puppies will not work for you. You cannot crate a puppy for 5 plus hours. Please consider this before adopting from any breeder.  


Timing of when puppies may leave is approximate until we get a breeding done. Heat cycles may be off by a couple of weeks which would move us back to the prior month or ahead of what is listed.  Female dogs are pregnant for 9 weeks and puppies can leave at 8 weeks of age. 


We can not hold your place without a deposit in hand, however, your deposit will be refunded if the female is not pregnant or moved to another litter if that is your choice pending availability. We the breeder reserves the right to keep any puppy for ourselves. 

If you are interested and serious, we will ask you to submit a questionnaire.  Detailed information will be sent to you that will answer most questions including price.


All of our puppies are expected to be black and red or black and reddish tan with nice substance and intelligence!


Our puppies should do well in AKC obedience venues of which there are several things that you can do if you care to, work as therapy dogs and be wonderful family companions.


Our German shepherd puppies are reserved on a first come basis. 


Our goal as always is to place our German shepherd puppies in the homes most suitable for them.  

We do not ship our puppies, however, we have puppies as far away as Michigan & Florida! Everyone comes to see their new German shepherd puppy before paying in full.  We have had several repeat clients too.  That should say something about our breeding program. 


Our German shepherd puppies our born in a spare upstairs bedroom. They have a separate heat source for the first few weeks of their life.  Mom and pups have total privacy and separation from our other dogs.


By the time our German shepherd puppies are 4 weeks of age they are eating soaked puppy kibble but they are still nursing too.


They have by now had their nails trimmed and will have their first bath.


The puppies are 99% paper or pad trained by 5 weeks of age and have the space (and us cleaning up after them several times a day) which allows them to know that they sleep “here” and they do their business “ on the paper or pad”.


Toys are introduced when they are ready. The various toys with rolling ability and different sounds are beneficial to the puppy's development.


We also keep a plastic adult sized crate (Vari Kennel type) in the room so that they can sleep in there if they want to. This will make it easier for night time when you take over. We take off the door as German shepherd puppies are investigators and can get a toe stuck, so it is safer this way.  


Our German shepherd puppies will have been dewormed at least 4 times and will have a vet exam by our Veterinarian before they leave with you and will have their first vaccination!


Each puppy that leaves European German Shepherd Dogs will leave with:


* AKC registration application

* An exam by our veterinarian

* A health record listing vaccinations/wormings

* A warranty contract

* A pedigree

* A sample supply of food

* A leash & collar & toy

* And advise for the lifetime of your dog!


We reserve the right to refuse a puppy placement. We do not let pups go to everyone who wants one. Please do not be rude if we say no. We have had the breed for decades and the breed is not for everyone at every time in their life. Too many dogs have to be rehomed because people insisted they were ready and would not listen to someone with more experience.


We reserve the right to adjust prices unless a reservation has been made.


You will find if you have contacted several German shepherd breeders in Virginia and on the East coast, that our prices are very competitive to what others are asking for similar lines. That is one reason that our German shepherd puppies are often reserved before they are born.  


Most of the requests that we get are for family dogs, dogs that can work in AKC/UKC obedience, agility, tracking, herding & therapy.  First and foremost though most people want a dog that can be a loyal and loving member of their family.


We have had great luck in the past and hope to find some very nice families for our upcoming litters!


Please see our "Contact Us" page for a form and our email address.


Please click here  for reviews from some of our clients on Yelp. Don't forget to read our testimonials on our website.


We are located in Central Virginia about 30 minutes from Charlottesville, 60 mins from Richmond & Fredericksburg, approximately 90 minutes from Northern Virginia. Thank you for your interest in our German shepherd puppies!







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